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Newtown North Public School                   "To grow to help"

Newtown North is a small, innovative and dynamic inner city school with an involved supportive community.

School traditions

School motto:  'To grow to help'

Our school pledge:

In our hands lies the future of this great land. If we all work together doing our best for the common good there is no limit to what we can achieve.



To Grow To Help  

School song written and composed  by Graeme Sandstrom

 Here we grow and sow our future

One step at a time we go

And there's so much that we have to know

But we can play today


And much do we learn of ourselves on the way

That will teach us to live life

There is time to think there is time to express

It's a journey that we make

And we can go our own way


There's a place for you and a place for me

In a way it's like one big family

There are friends we meet

There are friends we keep

And the school is our community


As we grow, yes we grow

And we help each other

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